2009. március 8., vasárnap

Open letter to the International Court of Justice

President Omar El-Bashir

Court of Justice!

I write this on behalf of the Hungarian Islamic Community. This is a community which actually visited Sudan and Darfur for humanitarian work. We were also involved in aid projects in the war-torn Iraq, the tsunami-hit Indonesia or Pakistan destroyed by an earthquake. We also distributed aid worth 10s of billions HUF inland without examining the religious background of those receiving it.

Your "warrant of arrest" against the Sudanese president Omar El-Bashir is outrageous since war crimes more serious than the ones committed in Darfur were already perpetrreted. Just to signal you, this includes the occupation of Iraq under false pretexts killed and making disabled houndreds of tousends. The "military adventures" of some leaders of the State of Israel in Lebanon and now in the Gaza strip, not to speak aboutb the illegal occupation of the West Bank.
We also think that examplary decisions should be taken, but not with double standard!
We are sure that if this process went on in a bona fide way, the Sudanese president would ask himself the examination of the case.
It is alarming that the Darfur leaders and their international supporters are accused by name, and you do not want to held them accountable.
We know who arm the rebels. Since to fight such a war one needs a lot of money! We do not see those individuals approching the bar!
Me, I personally visited Sudan several times. I indeed did not see slavery, nor atrocities, not even in the Kalma refugee camp near Nyala.
Of course, if accused people around the globe in a fair way, we would believe that your action is not a l'art pour l'art one.
I we see George W. Bush being questioned for the crimes he committed, and Israeli leaders being accused of what they have done to the Palestinians, we would consider your work just. As of now, your are not convincing.
But now, it seems that the leaders of the so called civilized world can cheat the gallows!

Yours sincerly
A Muslim European
The President of the Hungarian Islamic Community

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