2008. november 25., kedd



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freepalestine írta...

i'd like to apologize for what i wrote here earlier, because i believe i misunderstood what antifa means. (of course it would be much easier for me to understand if you'd just correct me if i was wrong)

i don't advocate or support violence against anyone, not towards fascists, not towards the neo-nazis or whatever and not towards the leftists. i myself am totally nonviolent and very, very, very leftist. (of course there are exceptions where i admit violence is acceptable, like in self-defence or defence in line with international law in conflicts like the israeli-palestinian conflict for example)

i still think there might be too much violence advocating and hate speech here that i don't approve of. (but i don't understand any of the texts in hungarian. i just find some of these images here quite disturbing)

i believe hate speech and advocation of racism or fascism should be banned. i think thompson should be censored and banned until he renounces and condemns croatian fascism and stops singing fascist songs. thompson should also ask his "fans" not to come to his concerts dressed as fascists. (of course, you're not a croatian fascist and not responsible for what thompson is or probably you don't even understand what he is (even though i tried to warn you about it earlier), but i will not have people promoting thompson around because i think that the thompson phenomenon, as it now exists, is dangerous for my country including me personally. hanging out with thompson fans also does damage to my peace and justice in palestine activities and credibility).

anyway, sorry for what i wrote here earlier, i believe i misunderstood this particular post... not 100% sure though, but i'd hate to falsely accuse anyone.