2008. április 10., csütörtök

Meaning of Islam

Islam is not just a religion , but islam is a way of life , part of the documentary about islam " the fog is lifting " produced by bridges foundation,, speakers " eng. Fadel Soliman , Imam.Suhaib Webb , Ayesha Nawaz "

The Qur'an is the Final Revelation and the completion of the testament that There Is One God.
Islam - the religion that takes from the route meaning Peace, Purity and Submission. Those who are Submit to Allah (SWT) in purity and sincerity and acheive eternal PEACE. Allah is from the semitic word illah simply means God as it does in ARAMAIC the language of Jesus the Messiah and in Hebrew i.e. eloah. ALLAH is AL - Illah means The One God.

Islam brings peace to my heart!!!
I wish the world learns more about islam and
the muslims truly practise this great religion
so we can achieve peace and harmony!!!!
may God Bless us all!!!

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