2008. október 13., hétfő

Montenegro, Macedonia recognize Kosova!

So...this is the way to do.
No more discussions...This is a clever and claire message for everybody: you fight? so, you got the right to live free and independent.
This is a message, and not the first one to all the peoples and nations fighting today -and maybe tomorrow- for their INDEPENDANCE!
Long live to the Free and Independant Kosova!

Thank You UÇK for your struggle: a example for all of us in this days...months...


Montenegrin and Macedonian governments on Thursday decided to recognize the Kosovo Albanians' unilateral declaration of independence.
Beta news agency reported that the decision was announced by Montenegro's Foreign Minister Milan Roćen, who said the cabinet members voted unanimously. Later on Thursday, Macedonian cabinet also decided to recognize the proclamation.

In Podgorica, Serb People's Party (SNS) leader Andrija Mandić announced that the Montenegrin opposition will now "consult the people" about the developments.
"As politicians, we have done all in our power, now, it is in the hands of the people. We will consult the people and the people will help us to have its majority will on this issue taken into account," Mandić said.
Earlier, Podgorica daily Vijesti wrote that the Montenegrin government will most probably take a decision on recognizing the province's independence at its meeting today, while the Macedonian parliament is debating a resolution in urgent procedure on recognizing Kosovo at its session.
Vijesti reported that everything was in place for Prime Minister Milo Đukanović's cabinet to announce publicly today Podgorica's intentions to establish diplomatic relations with Priština.
Đukanović himself, as well as President Filip Vujanović have all, in the last week, stated that Montenegrin recognition of Kosovo is now but a formailty.
In Skopje meanwhile, the move to debate the issue was decided at a meeting of the parliamentary parties' coordinators and the speaker, Trajko Veljanovski, on the evening on Oct. 8.
The coordinators and Veljanovski decided to include on the agenda, as an urgent matter, a resolution on recognizing Kosovo.
On the evening on Oct. 8, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski held a meeting with the ministers from his VMRO-DPMNE party.
The resolution on recognizing Kosovo was included on the agenda of the Oct. 9 parliament session, after two Albanian parties - the Democratic Party of Albanians and the Democratic Union for Integration collected the necessary 20 signatures from MPs.
Other parties represented in the parliament accepted the initiative of the two Albanian parties.
Serbian reaction
Democratic Party whip Nada Kolundžija said today that neighboring countries had a special responsibility to preserve regional stability and that a compromise solution was the only way to resolve the Kosovo issue.
Kolunžija said that even though there were clear suspicions that Kosovo’s independence had been declared in contravention of international law, "all neighbors, who recognize Kosovo under pressure, assume the responsibility for [regional] stability on themselves,” she said, commenting on the possibility that Montenegro and Macedonia would recognize Kosovo.
Liberal Democratic Party leader Čedomir Jovanović said that Montenegro and Macedonia’s possible recognition of the province's independence reflected the great differences between the interests of Serbia and the interests of neighboring countries.
"We need to ask ourselves how we fell so out of step with our neighbors, and what the proper reaction should be if Macedonia and Montenegro recognize Kosovo,” Jovanović told journalists in parliament.
He said that he did not agree with the withdrawal of ambassadors, because that was a pattern “tied to Vojislav Koštunica’s government that compromised the good relations we had with our neighbors up to then, and which are very important.”
United Serbia leader Dragan Marković said that Montenegro was entitled to recognize an independent Kosovo, but that Serbia should then change its position regarding economic cooperation with Podgorica.
"That is Montenegro’s right, but we need to change our position towards Montenegro, regarding economic cooperation. It is well-known that Montenegrin agricultural is struggling, but we can also stop going to their resorts in the summer,” Marković said.

Source: B92, FoNet, BetaPODGORICA, SKOPJE, me

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