2009. január 5., hétfő

The Zionist State must be destroyed

It's as simple as that - the Zionist entity known as Israel must be destroyed. If Germany can be split in two as the spoils of war; if Iraq can be invaded and its president hanged based on trumped-up evidence in kangaroo courts; and if Yugoslavia can be dismembered at the point of a gun, then surely, Israel must be allowed to die.

The latest on Al Jazeera is that the IDF is, "accidentally" of course, killing doctors at hospitals inside Gaza in what appears to be the latest tactic in a campaign of genocide, all in the name of an attempt to destroy Hamas, the elected authorities within Gaza.

This is a rampage of Soviet purge-like proportions, which has received tacit approval from Western governments, and although criticised by word of mouth by our own crowd in Iveagh House, it's time we stopped associating ourselves in any way with this murder-state - diplomatically, culturally, economically.

This video below demonstrates the true horror of what's happening in Gaza right now. Israel has made a point of repeating the "never again" mantra since 1945, and yet we see murder, chaos and genocide carried out in their own ininimitable fashion.

I would appreciate if all bloggers out there, in Ireland and beyond, would post this video as evidence of this barbarity, fuelled by the fervour of a collection of Jewish racists swimming in lucre and straddling a collection of nuclear bombs, primed to ignite the Middle East at a time of their choosing.

Banned by the Judeophiles and censors at YouTube, this video must spread.

To Hell with Israel, and all her collaborator friends!

The following video contains material of a violent, graphic nature. Viewer discretion is advised.

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