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Rózsa-Flores Eduardo: A Cionist-Chetnik conspiracy

"It’s easier to see a piece of wood in the other’s eyes than to see a timber in ours” (Few essential data of the discrete and hidden anti-Semitism of Serbs. Now days’ embracement between cionists and Serbs. Or the cooperation between the weak minded victims* of yesterday and the evil of all times.)
*euphemism: The yesterdayers disintegrate. Their descendants become businessmen.

Vinkovci is a typical Slavonian (East Croatia) city, a few kilometers from Osijek to the south. A patrol of the Croatian National Guars arrested three Serbs. One of my acquaintances gets to know from the guards barrack that I have my lunch in the city’s only decent hotel, comes to me. “Come with me quickly”-whispers to my ear, so the colleges I lunch with at the same table can’t overhear. - "We’ve captured a big trophy.” We arrived running to ‘Mehanizacija’ building in Jelacic street, where a timber company operated not so short time ego, now are the barracks located. The three prisoners lay on the ground in the company’s inner courtyard opposite to the garages. One of them is the city’s previous communist police chief. He’s been accused to have shot at the CNG watchman-site with a telescope-rifle and injured a Croatian. Substantial beatings can be seen on the bodies of the three Serbians. Blood’s oozing from the eldest mouths’. It’s raining, the water mixed with his blood gathers around his body in a puddle. He is unconscious. As I look up my eyes rest on the picture of Ante Pavelic being hang on to one of the garages’ door. The time, than, was August, 1991.

Ante Pavelic was a "Poglavnik", a leader of the Croatian Ustasi Revolutionary Movement. The Movement was established in 1929 by Pavelic himself, who was a member and a representative of the Croatian Justice Party in the Croatian Parliament (Sabor) until than. The Croatian Justice Party itself was the oldest party in Croatia; it had been established in 1861 by Ante Starcevic then in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today he is regarded as one of the venerated father of the country.
The word ustasa is coming from "ustati" (rebellion, insurgency). The word "ustasa" means therefore "insurgent". The movement of Pavelic copied Mussolini’s fascist movement of Italy, its tactics became “eyes for eyes tooth for tooth”, ‘for terror the answer must be terror’ precept was.
In 1932, the ustasi revolted without any success in Lika, although they were successful to kill the king of Yugoslavia, Alexander I. Karagyorgyevics in Marseille, France, later in 1934. The attempt was carried out by Macedon nationalists, who were helped and financed by their Croatian counterparts. (It is not proven even today, that the plotters were preparing themselves for the assassination attempt with the than Hungarian authorities’ knowledge and support in Jankapuszta, what lays south-west in Hungary.)
A few years earlier, on the 6th of January, 1929, the king of Yugoslavia, Alexander I. Karagyorgyevics disbanded the (Yugoslavian) Parliament, likewise suspended the Constitution and all the political parties. The king established dictatorship in Yugoslavia and at the same time used its full dictatorial powers against the Croatian resistance. The Great Depression of 1929-1933 caused tremendous havoc in the social-economic life of Yugoslavia (of what Croatia was a part since 1919) as well and brought about a total social and economic collapse in Croatia itself. The social and economic collapse thus prepared the ground, and it became a very fertile ground for the social-fascist propaganda that it pointed to Belgrade (capital of than Yugoslavia) as the originator of all of the problems that the Croatian people must endure.
We arrived to April, 1941. The Kingdom of Yugoslavia on 17th of the same month capitulates before the Axis Powers…after 11 days of armed resistance. On 10th of April the Independent Croatian State (NDH) is being proclaimed in Zagreb (capital of Croatia), one week before the capitulation of Yugoslavia. (One more data: on 11th of April when the units of the Hungarian Defense Forces marches in to Delvidek (Bacska-Banat), Yugoslavia is being ‘de jure’ in a state of non existence. Nothing more can be said about the legend of perfidy.)

It’s very clear to me that today no-one can negate that fact that the establishment of the NDH reflected the political will of the majority of the Croatian people. If we have any problems with this regime it can’t be regarded from a legal point of view. The tragedy inheres in the inflexible attitude of the "Poglavnik", in the despotism of the ‘leader’ firstly; on the other hand it lays in the unrestricted brutality that was supported by the presence of the units of the German and Italian Armies that were everywhere and had the ominous ‘overlord’ status.
Thus the situation was created for the beginning of the terror which was underlined emotionally by the revenge and anger felt generally aiming primary and essentially towards the Serbs and partly towards those of the opponents of the regime as well.
We must stop for a moment here. As I have noted earlier, there’s no doubt of the responsibility of the government of Pavelic in the killings of Serbs, Gypsies and Jews. But it would not be correct neither historically nor morally to incriminate the Croatians only. Crimes were committed by all four sides in this conflict: the Germans and the Ustasi, the Serbian chetniks and the partisans as well.
Chetniks and German soldiers posing together in a village in Nazi-occupied Serbia.

The official anti-Jewish policy of the Serbs from April, 1941 wasn’t lesser in propaganda and execution than of the Ustasi’s.
The Yugoslav official propaganda - under exclusive Serbian control - laid great emphasis on to show the victimization of the Serbians during the WW II., audaciously bringing afore the vivid symbolism of Holocaust. They falsified the final number of war victims to the utmost; for example, they put the number of victims at the Jasenovac concentration camps (Croatia) at more than 750,000 and altogether 1.7 million war victims were presented by the “authentic” Serbian sources. This latter number was presented as well in the report to the Allied Reparations Committee in Paris, in 1948. However, it happens a very interesting turn in 1963 when the Yugoslavian government admits a more authentic and final number in correspondence with the Bundes Republik of Germany (BRD). The Yugoslavian government reports 950,000 victims altogether, meanwhile the German counterpart presses for a continually verifiable numbers as to be able to pay out directly the restitution to the victims ratified by the Parisian Peace Conference. In 1964, the Yugoslav authorities make a countrywide survey; the result is not altogether 600,000 victims for the Yugoslav’s claim for restitution. The data of that survey was handled over to the German government, after that it was designated to be a state secret. Let me state here something very clear! I would not want to play tasteless games with the numbers (of victims). My goal cannot be (and is not) to mock the horrors of war. However, by 1991, the Serbian propaganda became such an over exaggerated monstrosity that what I can do in this report at least is to deploy a line of information for the truth’ sake. I believe this information is genuine, even if it’s not detailed but is definitely showing a different picture that is presented by TANJUG (the official Yugoslavian news agency) or other malicious sources. As I have stated earlier, the Serbians present themselves to be the victim of WWII. Although, they are very silent about the methodical genocide they committed against other indigenous (Hungarians, Germans, Jews etc.) peoples that had lived in the territory of Yugoslavia during (and shortly after the finish of) the war.
For furthering their own propaganda goals they adopted the Holocaust occurred in neighboring Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina for this cynical deception, forgetting to mention the very Holocaust they, themselves have committed. The popular conventional recollection in Serbia considers the Serbs as the main victims of the WWII and accuses Croatia of deliberate genocide against them. This same popular conventional recollection seems to forget and at the same time negate that fact that the fascist government of Milan Nedic had great military and civil power also under the German occupation; that Serbia took part of the ‘endlösung’ of the Serbian Jews; that the Serbs themselves maintained concentration camps. Those Serbian historians, who advocate such theories allege that the persecutions of Serbian Jews can be debited only to the Germans and that, had started only at the occupation of Yugoslavia by the German Army. Nevertheless, this is a very transparent lie to have the truth hidden away. Well before the occupation came afore the very anti-Semitism of Serbians in full when the Serbian dominated government of Yugoslavia made into laws the restriction of citizens of Jewish ancestry to participate in higher education and to have trading license. One year later in the occupied Belgrade opened the Great Anti-Freemasonry Exhibition which unveiled the conspiracy of the Jewish-Communist-Freemasonry’s aim to subjugate the world. The exhibition had a great effect in having the population of the capital to visit it in huge numbers. Newspapers, such as Obnova (Reviving) and the Nasa Borba (Our Struggle) stated that the Jews are the ancient enemy of the Serbs and the Serbs should not wait fort he Germans to begin with the extermination of the Jews. An article in the Obnova “Struggle for the purity of the race” pointed out that “Jews wouldn’t be pharmaciers, lawyers and judges anymore in Serbia.”

Following the German occupation of Yugoslavia, the Serbian government was led by Milan Acimovic for a temporarily period between April and August, 1941. He was then followed by general Milan Nedic, previously Secretary of Defense who cooperated closely with the Nazis. One of the ministers of the government of Nedic, Mihaljo Olcan stated: “Serbia must admit that we were the only occupied country as to having compared it to others that were able to establish law and order by using our own defense forces”. Nedic created the Serbian State Police (SSP) as part of the Serbian State Security with the approval of Nazis. SSP was put under the command of Dragomir "Dragi" Jovanovic, who worked previously for the Municipality of Belgrade. The membership of SSP accounted 20,000 as opposed with the German police force numbering 3,400, in Serbia. The invitation of recruiting to be a member of SSP stated out that ‘the blood of the potential members of SSP must not be tainted with neither Jewish nor gypsies’ blood’. The second person in the leadership of Serbs after Nedic was the fascist ideologue, Dimitrije Ljotic. Ljotic had established the Serbian Fascist Party years earlier before the German occupation. He organized the Serbian Voluntary Legions which primary aims were to hunt and arrest of Jews, gypsies and partisans for being able to execute them later on. The Serbian Orthodox Church supported openly the Nazis as well; many of its priests justified the prosecution of the Jews by using theological texts. In August, 1941 approximately 500 prominent Serbians signed a ‘Call to the Serbian Nation’ petition in which they called upon the Serbians to obey to the authority of Nazis. The first three signatures were of the Orthodox Church’s bishops. On the 20th of 1942, the provisory leader of Saint Synod of the Orthodox Serbian Church Josip metropolitan officially forbade to christianize Jews out in to orthodoxy, thus inhumanly blocked the way of saving the lives of Jews. Let’s add to it: this inhuman act on part of Josip metropolitan pleased the Nazis to the utmost.

We arrived at August, 1942, when Dr. Harald Tuner, the Chief of the Serbian Civil Service could state: "Serbia is the only country where the Jewish question has been solved.” In the very same statement Dr Turner had emphasized that “the success can be attributed to the help of Serbians!” And the numbers: 93% of the Jewish inhabitance of Belgrade and 94% of the Serbian Jewish population were exterminated with the contributing help of the Serbian government, of the Serbian Orthodox Church, of the Serbian State Police and of the Serbian people.
Let’s leave the past behind and let’s come back to the present. It is most tragic in the present that there can be found very little contrast between past and present in the Serbian history. It seems that cynicism of the Serbian propaganda is part of their traditional character. In January and February, 1992, many Jewish newspapers in the United States published a gruesome and fully detailed article from a Dr Klara Mandic, Madam Secretary of the Serbian-Jewish Friendship Association about the fate of an old Jewish woman, Ankica Konjuk, who was brutally murdered by rightwing Croatians in September, 1991. To show this “act” of brutality as prime example of the Croatian anti-Semitism, doctor Mandic had finished off her article with a question: “who is going to be next?” Nevertheless, let’s look at the essential facts!
1./ The Serbian-Jewish Friendship Association is created by the Serbian government for propaganda zeal.
2./ This organization is acknowledged by not one legitimate Jewish organization.
3./The Serbian-Jewish Friendship Association consist only a handful of Serbian Jews when at the same time its membership list has more than a thousand names.
4./ Madam Konjuk, who was introduced in the article as the first Jewish victim of the war, happened to be a 67 years old Croatian woman who was killed by the Serbs, together with an other 240 civilian victims after the poorly armed Croatian defenders left the city. Honest eyewitnesses proved our statement to be true. Within the eyewitnesses can be found the neighbouress of Madame Konjuk who took an official oath also in line with what truly happened in Petrinja city, south to Zagreb. This statement was supplemented by the declarations of the former prisoners of a detention camp under Serbian control at Petrinjacai around Glina, according which 240 persons were slaughtered and buried into mass graves after Petrinja was captured by the chetnicks and units of the Yugoslavian Defense Forces.

I guess, we can’t wonder about what Vojislav Seselj (then a member of the Serbian Parliament; today a prisoner of the International War Crimes Tribunal in Hague charged with war crimes; the leader of the terrorist band of “White Eagle”; the “vojvoda” of the chetniks and chairman of the ultranationalists Serbian Radical Party which was then the second biggest party in Serbia, after the Socialist party) declared: “We do not want to see any foreigners in our territory and shell fight for our just borders. The Croatians leave either voluntarily or they shell be exterminated.

Let’s go back again to those events that are already history. After WWII., the regime of Tito had pursued vigorously everything in the tiniest detail that was Croatian, including the bishop of Zagreb, Alojzie Speniac. (Alojzie Speniac was named later on, as the first bishop to Croatia by Pope Pius XII.) Alojzie Speniac got sentenced to 16 years in prison. The charge laid against him was that he had harbored many ustasies in the cellar of the Archiepiscopal Palace, in Zagreb. It was leniently “forgotten” that he had preached many times against the prosecution of Serbians and Jews from the pulpit of the Archiepiscopal Palace during the very time of Pavelic Poglavnik. He was charged himself to be an ‘ustasi’ as well. Just as more than 1000 priests who had gotten murdered during the communist purging period.

The entire Croatian people were accused for the next 46 years that they were genetically to be ‘ustasi’. This accusation was repeated openly by “vojvoda” Seselj too at a session of the Serbian Parliament in 1991.

The very days of the Holocaust have begun to recede in the distance just as the days of summer and autumn of 1991. Today, like the fungus opening out from the soil, more and more interestingly named and subtled structures are being organized in the Western world. Ultra rightist cionists and Serbian organizations are being established in the United States, in Canada and in many more Western-European states for one goal: to install fear into the public by vehemently pointing to the danger of the spread of Islam. The top of the Turkish “spear” would be Kosova and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Supposedly, there, the fanaticized jihad fighters gather who, as in the times of pharaohs or Herodias would cut off the heads of the unlucky European babies of Serbians and Jews. And, as always, the Serbians view themselves as who shall have to save the world – from the enemy of the Serbs. If one must cooperate with the “most repulsive race” (D. Ljotic), well, why not; and business is business, thinks the cionists from his side. And the murderers of yesterday and the political dialers of today shake hands.

Although, who will imagine what will be the consequences of this marriage of Frankenstein magnitude?

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freepalestine írta...

so, there really is nothing positive that can be said of ustashe regime and state, but that does not mean that other fascists are any better or worse than the others. all chauvinists, racists, xenophones are the same.

tito's regime pursued nationalists of all nationalities (not just croatian) in order to maintain yugoslavia together and catholic church also supported croatian fascists in wwii. that does not mean that the methods of tito's regime or its poor record on human rights are to be excused, but it is not true that this regime was specifically targeting croatians. it targetted nationalists of all nationalities, but also the rich and the middle class and their property...

i also think it would be better if you used terms like serbian authorities, serbian „elites“ or greaterserbians or serbian right-wingers so as to distinguish them from ordinary serbians (like we use ustashe instead of croatians or zionists intead of jews) because not all the serbs supported them and many were manipulated by the milosevic & greaterserbian propaganda machine.

i read articles by marko hoare on greaterserbian or milosevic's propaganda in the west and i found them quite good and useful on this particular subject, but then some years later i found out he's a member of henry scoop jackson society and recently i read his text on 60 years of zionist ethnic cleansing (which he calls 60 years of israel) so, even though he wrote good articles on milosevic's&co propaganda, i now think he is a neoliberal and a zionist, since his article on israel tries to present ethnic cleansing of palestinians as something normal and that should be accepted as normal and final. yet even though he dares (in combination with ridiculous apologies to sensitivities of the israelis) to compare genocide against american indians to zionist ethnic cleansing of palestinians he also fails to state that the palestinian refugees are not dead and they can return if only israel would let them. he only wants the israelis to confront their past and equate the rights of the palestinians already living in israel with those of the jews, (and only because he wrongly believes this would ensure the jews will remain majority in israel) but, i don't think he ever mentions palestinian refugees at all. palestinian refugees are not just the past, but also the present israel should confront. a pretty disgusting article, despite the fact it tries so hard not to be one and especially for someone who knows exactly what the rights of the refugees are since he is allegedly very familiar with international law.

here is the site, maybe even created by hoare, but with various authors about milosevic's propaganda that penetrated some circles on the western left.

it is true that the zionists deliberately spread islamophobia through all their channels. and also it is true that milosevic and greaterserbians wanted to present their ethnic cleansing and genocide in ex-yugoslavia as fighting fascists, terrorists and radical islamists. but i don't think there is really such a thing as a great chetnik-zionist conspiracy because the chetniks are on the decline and weak and ridiculous and politically marginalized by the world today and zionists have no use from them at all. today zionists are allies of western neoconservatives and neoliberals and they have no need for looney chetnics or greaterserbians.