2008. április 27., vasárnap



A selection of timeless poems against war

Performed by Michael Fischetti

Poems selected by Michael Fischetti and Laszlo Hege

Produced by Laszlo Hege

featured poets include:

Archilocos, Ancient Greece; Seneca, Ancient Rome; General Su Wu, Ancient China; Robinson Jeffers, Steven Spender, Peter Gizzi, Wislawa Szymborska, Zbigniew Herbert, Randall Jarrel, Wilfred Owen, Miklos Radnoti, Primo Levi, Philip Levine, Edwin Muir, Eduardo Rózsa Flores, Anna Ahmatova, Charles Reznicoff, Ingeborg Bachmann and more.

"Unrelenting in its poetic depiction of war through the ages. You'll be moved." Frank D. Gilroy, Pulitzer-prize-winning playwright.

"The poems you chose are superb. It's a powerful manifesto." Philip Levine
, Pulitzer-prize-winning poet


Sound Editor: German Rodriguez

Listen to a sample from the CD:
WAR by Miguel Hernandez

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