2008. május 16., péntek

Rajie - fight with Art

Rajie / Roger Cook, (b 1930) an internationally known graphic designer, photographer and artist.

The work itself is quite varied, and not surprisingly, the most overtly political pieces tend to attract the most attention. One example is A Time to Cast Stones, an ammunition box that contains stones, by Rajie Cook. A former graphic designer and the son of Palestinian parents, Cook uses stones, keys, and keffiyehs as visual shorthand for the Palestinian struggle. As you might expect from someone who spent his career in advertising and corporate communications, each of his pieces packs an immediate message, and so he could be called the most activist of the artists on view.
–A Porcupine in New York (Blogger)


Human Emotions
Human Condition
Human Reflection
Human Reaction
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To visit: http://www.rajie.org/gallery.php
a time to cast stones...
all flight cancelled
birth of a nation
Liberty poster
one upmanship
the stone

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