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1973 RAND Corporation DARPA study on Soviet Paranormal Phenomena, telepathy and psychokinetic: That is sweet, people.

Submitted by HongPong

Haha sometimes things are just awesome. Wins! From AboveTopSecret.com, pretty much the biggest conspiracy super-forum on the nets!

Source: AboveTopSecret.com FOIA archive- paranormal briefing by RAND Corporation.

For a while I have suspected the Russians were into the really cool bio-energy mystery sciences, a subject I cannot believe someone has made a hokey TV movie out of. See February 2006: HongPong.com: Bush stays two steps ahead of secret Stalinist animal-human hybrid program; but Soviet electromagnetic conspiracies surface!

And also see NSA docs & UFOs from December 2005.

There are some fun tales out there about Soviet brainwave magic:

In the late 1960's, Lisitsyn reported that the Soviets had broken the "genetic code" of the human brain. He stated the code had 44 digits or less, and the brain employed 22 frequency bands across nearly the whole EM spectrum. However, only 11 of the frequency bands were independent. This work implies that, if 11 or more correct frequency channels* can be "phase-locked" into the human brain, then it should be possible to drastically influence the thoughts, vision, physical functioning, emotions, and conscious state of the individual, even from a great distance.

It may be highly significant that
(1) up to 16 of the giant Soviet woodpecker carriers have been observed by Beck and others to carry a common, phase-locked 10-Hz modulation, and

(2) such a 10-Hz signal has been demonstrated by Beck, Rauscher, Bise, and others to be able to physically entrain or "phase-lock" the human brain, if stronger than the Schumann resonance of the Earth's magnetic field.

Oh yeah and this too:

The peculiar "nuclear flashes" seen by the Vela satellites in September 1979 and December 1980 could have been due to a testing of a scalar EM howitzer in the pulsed exothermic mode. In the mode, scalar EM pulses meet at a distance, where their interference produces a sharp electromagnetic explosion (hence the "flash", very similar to the initial EMP flash of a nuclear explosion. Even in the vacuum of space, such an explosive eruption of energy from within the local spacetime vacuum itself may be expected to lift matter from the Dirac sea, producing a plasma. Prompt absorption and re-radiation of energy from this sudden plasma may be expected to present nearly the same "double peak" profile as does a nuclear explosion. This was the profile presented by the flashes. Note that the second flash detected was apparently of an "explosion" primarily in the infrared, almost certainly ruling out a conventional nuclear event. It does not rule out, however, pulsed distant holography using pumped EM giant time-reversed wave transmitters.


Yeah!! Let's rock and roll, Soviet Paranormal phenoms detected by the Rationalists of Rand for DARPA:

who controls the past now? who controls the future?

Here we go people!

Duke University. Them kids move the beers around with they brains!

Explanation, control and application. Ahh, RAND Corporation, truly what a font of wisdom and ordered rationality you are.

Folks, if this post doesn't rumple your sense of reality, I don't know what will! I am going to take a walk. Right now.

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