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A Religion, A Race, Or a Geopolitical Construction?

Regarding the situation in Gaza. A main reason that the issue of Palestine is out of the reach of most British people's understanding stems from massive gaps in British education filled in by a misinforming media; resulting in the confusion of, in the context of what is called Israel, whether Judaism is a religion, a race, or a
nation; when Zionism discusses all three interchangeably and as one, instead of three quite distinct concepts.
A religion is neither a country, a nation, or a race. An ethnic race is not a country or a nationality or a religion. No path lab has yet found genes passing on a religious belief. A nation is a geo-
political entity, not a race or a religion. A country can have a religion, or many religions; religion can come from a country, or many countries; but a religion cannot have a country. There is no
such thing as a Presbyterian Passport.
This deliberate confusion results in the Zionist claim that people of a certain religious belief – Judaism – have a right to a State "homeland."
I don't believe in any religion and have no need for any God. But having been brought up as a Roman Catholic, do I have a right to Vatican City as a homeland, or Rome, or perhaps I could have the whole southern half of Italy! And what is my evidence? The Bible of
course! Rolled up bits of paper written thousands of years ago by different people at different historical times. It is as factual as a Walt Disney manuscript found 2000 years hence in the desert of what once was Hollywood proves that Mickey Mouse existed.
As a child I was taught the Bible – about Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael and all that. I also "knew" about Father Christmas, Mother Goose and Mickey married Minnie and had Pluto! Now I read grown up books. From my various dictionaries comes the following:
"Jews are people who practice the Jewish religion. They are of all races, Negro and Mongolian. European Jews are of many different biological types; physically they resemble the populations among whom they live… A state cannot be Jewish, just as a chair or a bus cannot be Jewish...The state is no more than a tool, a tool that is efficient or a tool that is defective, a tool that is suitable or a tool that is undesirable. And this tool must belong to all its citizens – Jews, Moslems, Christians.. . The concept of a 'Jewish State' is nothing other than a snare."
Looking at old maps you'll find a big country called Palestine. But in my school and college syllabus books it wasn't there! Then I found out about some more academically hidden grown up books telling the truth – that the formation of the State of Israel is a Zionist
geopolitical creation:
"His Majesty's Government views with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object…"
(Arthur Balfour, to Lord Rothschild, 1917. (The Balfour Declaration. ))
"His Majesty's Government must maintain a continuing interest in that area if only because our economic and financial interests in Middle East were of vast importance to us... If these interests were lost to us, the effect on the life of this country would be a considerable
reduction in the standard of living... British interests in the Middle East contributed substantially… to the wage packets of the workpeople of this country." (Labour Foreign Secretary Bevin, House of Parliament, May 16 1947.)
"The development of primary production of all sorts in the colonial territories and dependent areas …throughout the world is a life and death matter for the economy of this country." (Food Minister Mr. Strachey, House of Parliament, Jan 20 1948.)
Great idea of the British – divide people by religion or race and you can carve up the world into manageable bite-sized pieces. Family size when you compare Israel with what's left of Palestine!
Many Jews by religion, and many Israelis by nationality, are not Zionists. Although having been born into a geopolitical situation they had no part in creating, do not believe in their
acquired "right" to the establishment of the state of Israel as a homeland. A Zionist is not necessarily either a Jew or an Israeli, just a supporter of the idea of Zionism, often American or British, eg: Balfour and others.
Palestinian and non Zionist Israeli and Jewish friends of mine have a joke that goes something like: if that damn Moses turned to the left instead of the right when he came down from the mountain, we'd have had all the oil and the Arabs would have had all the sand and oranges.

And thus Israel is what it always has been since oil was discovered in the Middle East; it is a piece of proxy American military real estate on the edge of all that oil.
The Bible is neither history nor International Law.
Was it Shakespeare? who said "Every fool in error can find a passage of scripture to back him up." And Marie Curie: "Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood." And Einstein: "The most remarkable thing about the world is that you can understand it."

Brian Mitchell. Slough, UK.

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