2008. június 11., szerda

Izraeli harckocsilövedék végzett egy palesztin kislánnyal

A Gázai övezetben meghalt egy kislány, két családtagja pedig megsebesült amikor eltalálta házukat egy izraeli harckocsilövedék.

Az izraeli hadsereg szóvivője azt mondta, tüzet nyitottak terroristákra Hán-Júnisz közelében, ahol palesztin terroristák rakétákat készültek kilőni Izraelre.


Israeli forces kill 5 Palestinians in Gaza in 2 days, including 10 year old girl PDF Print E-mail
11.06.08 - 12:33

ImageGaza / PNN – Ten year old Samira is dead. Israeli forces opened what was described by eyewitnesses as “artillery bombardment” on her family home early Wednesday.

Israeli forces have been invading the southeastern area of the Gaza Strip for weeks now. Samira’s home was in the small village of Qarara, just north of Khan Younis City.

Israeli forces also killed Ibrahim Al Masri during the same attack.

Two other family members were injured as a result of the shelling.

The Al Aqsa Brigades, the armed resistance wing affiliated with the Fateh party, claimed responsibility this morning for last nights shooting at Israeli special forces around the Erez Crossing in the northern Gaza Strip’s Beit Hanoun.

This came after yesterday’s Israeli killing of three members of the armed resistance.

The Egyptian government announced today that there is no impending major Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip, but the daily attacks are enough, in addition to the siege, to leave 1.5 million people in utter uncertainty.

As the Israeli government debated whether, or when, to launch a “full scale attack” on the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces killed three more Palestinians on Tuesday.

Palestinian medical sources reported on Tuesday that three Palestinian members of the armed resistance were killed and five others wounded, including one in critical condition, from Israeli artillery fire in eastern Gaza City yesterday.

The medical sources stated, “The Israeli military fired two missiles towards a group of Palestinians in the vicinity of the cemetery in eastern Gaza City.”

Eyewitnesses said that the Israeli artillery bombardment targeted a group of Al Qassam Brigades members, the armed resistance wing affiliated with Hamas. The hit was in Gaza’s Al Shajaiyeh neighborhood. The injured were rushed to the hospital.

The Director of Emergency and Ambulance in the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Dr. Moyain Hassanein, said that one of the wounded is in “extremely serious condition.” He also said that medical crews hurried to the scene of the bombing to extricate the injured.

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